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Tea Tree Castile Liquid Soap - 8oz Concentrate

Tea Tree Castile Liquid Soap - 8oz Concentrate

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Tea Tree Natural Liquid Soap is handcrafted with organic vegetable oil, providing a gentle and nourishing lather that leaves your skin feeling magnificently soft and refreshed. Infused with Tea Tree essential oil, this soap offers an extraordinary cleansing experience that revitalizes your mind and body. Our formula is free of sulfates, detergents, and any animal or chemical additives, making it safe for the most sensitive of skins. Not only is this soap wonderful for you, it's also kind to the environment. So safe and pure, it's grey water safe, meaning the water can be reused in your garden. From children to grandparents, and even your plants, everyone can indulge in the luxurious and natural cleansing of our Tea Tree Liquid Soap. Proudly made from scratch at our factory in South Austin, Texas.

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