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Hey there, soap enthusiasts!

Welcome to SoAP, your haven for pure, all-natural, good-for-the-earth, and even-better-for-you soap. This ain't your grandma's soap (although she's totally welcome here, too). We're all about ditching those harsh, skin-drying, planet-hurting detergents and embracing the authentic, plant-based, soft-on-your-skin, and easy-on-the-earth soap.

We've been stirring the soap pot (quite literally) since 2004. We're a proudly independent factory, passionate about keeping you squeaky clean with top-notch soap that loves you as much as you love it. Our journey started with a simple belief – soap should be pure, simple, and honest, just like its ingredients.

Ingredients Matter

At the heart of our soaps are nothing but water, salts, and plant-based raw ingredients. We're talking about quality vegetable oils, wholesome herbs, and nature-kissed essential oils. This is the kind of stuff you wouldn’t think twice about eating, so why would you treat your skin any differently? We don't do sulfates, artificial fragrances, or chemical additives. No, thank you!

You & The Earth

So, next time you lather up with SoAP, remember that you're not just washing away the day's grime – you're also caring for your skin, respecting the earth, and pouring a little love into your self-care routine. Because here at SoAP, we believe in doing better, one soap bar at a time.