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Rosemary Castile Liquid Soap - 8oz Concentrate

Rosemary Castile Liquid Soap - 8oz Concentrate

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Rosemary Castile Liquid Soap, crafted with pure organic vegetable oil and delicately scented with essential oil. Our formula is free from sulfates, detergents, and any chemical additives, making it gentle on your skin. This superior purity also makes our soap safe for grey water systems, meaning you can comfortably use it for gardening, or even bathing the kids or grandparents (provided they enjoy the refreshing scent of rosemary!). Proudly handmade from scratch, every bottle of our castile liquid soap reflects the careful attention to detail and passion for quality that originates from our South Austin, Texas factory. Experience the wholesome cleansing effect of our Rosemary Castile Liquid Soap today.

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