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Rainbow Bar - Handcut

Rainbow Bar - Handcut

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Experience the luxurious indulgence of our multi-layered Fabulous Bar Soap. Each soap, carefully crafted by our skilled artists, is a feast for both your eyes and your senses. It's a rainbow of six delectable layers, each offering a unique scent - Lavender to soothe, Petitgrain to refresh, Lemongrass to invigorate, Ginger to spice, Orange to energize, and Camphor to cleanse. Handmade at our SoAP Factory, every bar is a unique work of art, cut randomly but guaranteed to weigh at least 5oz. Our Fabulous Bar Soap doesn't just clean; it offers a fascinating sensory experience that turns every bath or shower into a spa-like retreat. But beware, it's fabulous. Your friends might try to take it.

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