New Website, New Facility, New Products...

Howdy Everybody,

Its been awhile since I've had a proper platform to communicate with everyone. Please feel free to send any question my way. We moved our factory and don't have a storefront at the moment, but still have products available at the Austin Gift Company and Bluebonnet Market, and can now again look into selling at more stores. I know I missed some communications during our transition time.

Here are the New Products out now:

Christmas Love Spray - 1oz very limited production run for those that want the nostalgic scent we used to sell at Christmas every year. This is that scent. 

Natural Shower Gels: - Fancy Face Wash as soft as it gets. It is super hydrating and feels real good on your skin. Made with our Natural Liquid Soap and Hydrolyzed Silk Proteins. Available scented with exotic essential oil blends to instantly change your shower experience into the best smelling environment you can wash yourself in. 

     Blue Tansy Shower Gel - actual wild Moroccan Blue Tansy flower essential oil, beautiful blue oil with an amazing unique scent that is addictive. It makes your whole shower smell a delicious blue floral that you can not get enough of.

     Lemongrass Cedar Shower Gel - Bright and Deep at the same time, citrus from lemongrass mixes well with the dank cedar to take over the room with its strong natural essence.

Handcut Beautiful Bar SoAPs - Our shea butter bar recipe expressed in beautiful visual swirls and heterogenous mixtures of different add-ins and colored with natural variants and micas to be unique works of indivdual art for your eyes, nose, and skin.


I hope you like the New Site and the New Products.       

JohnPaul Fierro,

South Austin People

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