We will be back with a new impressive line...
Top Quality Soaps, Body Wash, and Shampoo made fresh by hand,
no unnecessary chemicals, dyes, or petroleum.
Because everyone wants it to be clean and fresh!!

Our soaps are of such a high quality that many question why we would go through so much trouble just to make soap. But, they obviously have not used our soap yet... becuase it only takes one time. Our soap is like Velvet to the common Burlap. It is like getting real cheese instead of processed. It is like the difference between delicious Home Cooked food that was made with love, compared to a T.V. Dinner. (The type that taste really bad but actually looked good on the commercials.)

We are Hard Working Americans who are trying to make the best we can and try to make an honest wage doing so, we appreciate your support and will continue to try and give our best to you. Wish us luck. And Buy our Soap!

If you have not yet tried any of our soap, you should soon take the opportunity to buy some.