South Austin People is a Natural Soap and Body Care manufacturing company.
We are the makers of So.A.P. soap Bars, Natural Liquid Soap, Natural Laundry Soap, Dirty Paws Dog Shampoo, And our Natural Lotion & Cream Skin Care line.

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We Are currently moving to a larger facility where we can better serve your needs. We are planning on still accepting orders during the move and will continue to freshly fulfill your orders as quickly as possible. Thanks for Bearing with us!

"You can find more expensive soap, and you can find cheaper soap, but you cannot find better soap."

Company Founder,

JohnPaul Fierro, B.S. Chemistry U.T.

All of our Bar Soaps, Liquid Soaps, and Body Care are made in our facility in Austin, Texas.

Made with Organic Vegetable Oils*

*Certified by QAI

Our mission is to make the best Soap and Body Care possible, using the highest quality ingredients.