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It's All About the Way it makes your skin feel...

Welcome to the SoAP Factory Online Shop. Your direct factory link to purchasing our entire selection of the freshest batches of Soaps, Shampoos, and Body Care products all Made from Scratch with the Highest Quality Ingredients possible.

Natural Formula Shampoo/Body Wash

Natural as can be super moisturizing shampoo and body wash.

Apples & Oranges

Apples & Oranges is made with Orange Oil and Apple Amino Acids. It is a bright and incredible washing experience.


Detoxonite is our charcoal detoxifying Full body cleanser. It gives a unique deep cleaning and moisturizing effect that leaves your skin happy and free.

Both have a version of our conditioner to go along with them.

South Austin People have been making SoAP and other quality products since 2004! South Austin People have been making SoAP in Austin Texas since 2004!

We make great soap and the best quality skin care because we choose to make products as good and fresh as we would want to eat, and out of the same quality of ingredients. Every batch is crafted by hand at our factory in Austin, Texas. We rely on our products quality and the way it makes your skin feel to keep our customers returning. We give the highest quality we can make for the best possible value to you and your family.

Monthly Specials For February

Bar Soap Ends and Pieces
Bar Soap Ends and Pieces
$19.99 $10.00Save: 50% off
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