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Detoxinte Shampoo

Detoxinte Shampoo

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Embrace the revitalizing power of our unique Charcoal Hair & Body Wash, a luxurious blend of natural botanical oils and bamboo charcoal. This versatile product provides a deep cleansing experience, detoxifying and revitalizing your hair and skin. The luscious aroma adds to the delightful experience, creating a sensory journey that feels almost sinful in its indulgence.

Designed to work harmoniously with all hair and body types, the wash can be used on a daily basis or as a weekly detox treatment. It's perfect for use in the shower or as a relaxing bath soak. Its moisturizing properties mean it doubles as a lotion, nourishing your skin and leaving you feeling pampered and rejuvenated.

Once you experience the silky soft touch and intoxicating scent of our Charcoal Hair & Body Wash, you may find it impossible to return to ordinary body washes. Share the indulgence with your friends, and let them in on the secret to glowing hair and skin. Remember, it's a sin not to share such a delightful experience!

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